Wednesday, June 6, 2007

They're Not Always Wrong

This blog focuses on finding situations where the shorts appear to have it wrong and the stock gets away from them on the upside. The thing is, short sellers aren't stupid, nor do they give up very easily. From November 15 to March 14, shorts added 14 million shares to their short position in Dendreon Corp (DNDN). On March 30, things went horribly wrong for those short sellers as the stock began a two week rally which saw the stock rise 4 fold! While I am sure there were some badly wounded bears during that rally, they didn't all cover. In fact, over the next 2 months the shorts added another 15 milllion shares at higher prices...good move so far. Shares of DNDN will continue to be volatile with such a big short position which makes it worth watching for aggressive traders but from bigger picture perspective, the large failed move seems to have emboldened the shorts and a longer term sustainable rally will only materialize from very postiive news, the chart does not seem to be anticipating any such move right now.