Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Finisar Corporation (Public, NASDAQ:FNSR)

has nearly 30 million shares bet against it as of June 15th. With the stock moving past resistance, things could get interesting on the upside in the short term.

Finisar Corporation is a provider of optical subsystems and components that connect local area networks (LANs), storage area networks (SANs) and metropolitan area networks. Finisar's optical subsystems consist primarily of transceivers, which provide the fundamental optical-electrical interface for connecting the equipment used in building these networks. Its line of optical components consists primarily of packaged lasers and photodetectors used in transceivers, primarily for LAN and SAN applications. Finisar also provides network performance test and monitoring systems to original equipment manufacturers for testing and validating equipment designs and, to a lesser degree, to operators of networking and storage data centers for testing, monitoring and troubleshooting the performance of their installed systems. During the fiscal year ended April 30, 2006, Finisar acquired I-TECH Corp and InterSAN, Inc., and completed the purchase of certain assets of Big Bear Networks, Inc.