Saturday, May 26, 2007

Superconductors, Imaging Engines, Online Shopping & Rubber Track Machines

On Monday I sugested looking at American Superconductor Corp (AMSC), the stock exploded higher that day and it appears shorts may have experienced their first bout of real fear! The short position increased by 5000,000 shares from April to May, that looks like a bad move! At this point I would think 15.45 is a good spot for a stop on long positions.

On Tuesday we looked at shares of Microvision, Inc (MVIS) and the stock made a nice run for 2 days. On Thursday it paused slightly with the market selloff but came roaring back on Friday. The short sellers did slightly decrease their position last month but with lighter volume last month it makes it more difficult for them to cover their stupid bet!! A stop near 4.30 seems right for this one. The Ant & Sons blog has a good analysis of a potential catalyst to get the shorts buying.

The short position in, Inc. (OSTK) was little changed last month and the stock still looks poised for upside from here. A stop near 17.30 makes sense.

The short position in shares of A.S.V., Inc (ASVI) was also little changed last month and the stock still looks like it has great upside potential with limited risk by placing a stop near 16.00

Enjoy the long weekend fellow squeezers!